Paper Mate Flair Pens Review

Well, I know that I just put up a review on pens a few blog posts ago. I am sorry. I am a pen addict. There are so many different pens and I just discovered this when I got back into planning.

So, as I attempt to make my way around the pen world, I will document some of my favorites (and even some that I just did not really like) so that you have different options to choose from. I will try every pen you want me to (leave some in the comments) and give my completely honest opinion (because why wouldn’t I?).

My second stop on the great pen expedition is the Paper Mate Flair pens. When I was looking for my Staedtler pens a while back, I saw these bad boys sitting next to them. I loved the variety of colors, but I hated the fact that they didn’t have them in the Ultra Fine size.

(Little background before we move on. I absolutely can not stand thick pens. I feel like it takes up too much space on the page and I would rather use fine pens in my planner because 1. they just write a lot neater and 2. they look better. So, that’s my mini story. Thanks for listening.)

So, when I went back to Target last week, I decided to pick them up because my planner needed some more colors instead of the same 10 Staedtler colors that I was using. I picked up the 18 pack for about $15, which was not a bad deal at all (I got two pens free). The only downside (at the time) was that the pens were not ultra fine.

SPOILER ALERT: These pens are amazing. I actually don’t hate that they are a medium tip pen. That is actually one of my favorite parts of these pens.

They write beautifully. They don’t bleed through my Happy Planner pages, but you can kinda see them if you look at the post it note test (you can see it a little, but not any crazy bleeding). They come in a multitude of colors and take practically no time to dry. I can’t really find something that I hate about these pens.

Well, maybe they could be a little more inexpensive… But, that being said, they are totally worth the $15. So, if you ever want to give some new pens a try, check out the Paper Mate Flairs. You will certainly not be disappointed.

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Have a fantastic day! #StayBeautiful #Don’tEverGiveUp #StayPositive


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